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Low Tide Island Design

Angel travels on Moonstone Bracelet

Angel travels on Moonstone Bracelet

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Mesmerizing Dance of the Angel on a Moonstone Bracelet.

Crafted with care, this bracelet features a top-quality solid pewter angel silhouette gracefully gliding atop natural moonstone beads. The stones, cool to the touch, seem to radiate a mystical energy and calming reaction.

Embraced by a Simple Pewter Angel: A Guardian Through Life's Challenges. Illuminating Insight, Offering Support, and Strengthening Intuition When Needed Most, Almost Like Magic.

Moonstone's Vibrant Energy and Angelic Presence: Guiding, Protecting, and Empowering Through Life's Journey. Mystical Powers at Work for Good Fortune

Measurements: 7"- 7 1/2" upstretched super strong stretch string.  for (x-large or x-small, please send a note)

Believe Out-Loud:   I have an inner guidance that opens my mind to guide me.  

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About Low Tide Island Design

Why Believe Out Loud Affirmations

We encourage Believing Out Loud-Affirmations because repetition of positive statements is believed to reprogram the unconscious mind.  This changes negative thoughts to positive changes.  We’ve created unique messages of empowerment for each of our bracelets. 

Repeat our Believe Out Loud affirmations aloud several times a day! Over time profound positive outcomes will happen in you. As you wear our bracelets, let them remind you to Believe Out Loud all day long. 

Our Cause

All of our bracelets are handmade by adults with developmentally disabled and special needs. Donations are made to various nonprofit organizations depicted by bracelet design.


Colors and size may vary slightly.

How to Care for LTID Jewerly

Here are our tips for caring for your bracelets:

  • Your bracelets are sturdy and love to be worn. Many bracelets will naturally patina and get better over time.
  • No need to over stretch bracelets when putting on and taking off. Most will come on and off with rolling action.
  • Beware of pets! They love our bracelets - a little too much ;)
  • Avoid putting colognes on bracelets. Of course, with the exception of the lava stones, they love to smell good.
  • Storing bracelets flat when not wearing them will keep them from stretching when not worn.
  • Metal parts are easy to polished with a dry soft cloth.
  • Your bracelets shouldn't go swimming with you, chlorine is not their friend, they will change color and it will shorten their elastic life.
  • Repeat showering with your bracelets could alter the color and this goes for sweat as well.



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