Disability, love, dogs

🐾 Live, Love, Bark 🐾

Bark bark! Man’s best friend is honored everyday, but on International Dog Day, we squeeze out a little more love for our loyal pups.

This month’s featured kreation was our Paw Print bracelet, which is the perfect gift for any puppy parent who loves having their baby by their side.

Healing Properties of Zinc

  • TDM—Transdermal Micromineral benefits when worn

  • Boosts immune system and metabolism

  • Improves arthritis, inflammation and acne

  • Detoxifies

  • Positive effects on high blood pressure and anemia

Metaphysical Properties of Glass

  • Carries energies for transformation

  • Merging elements

  • Rebirth

  • Focus

  • Communication


We Also Introduced Katie!

This month, we featured, Katie, a Florida Low Tide Island Design Artisan!

Katie has cerebral palsy and manages many other physical conditions. She has been a strong part of LTiD for a few years.

As an Artisan, she has beaded more than 2,000 bracelets, and has pulled dozens of orders with great accuracy.

Katie loves visiting stores where she can straighten our bracelet displays, do inventories, talk to customers about the bracelets she makes and meet the store buyers.

In addition to her involvement with LTiD, Katie loves to walk dogs and watch cats and house sit. She is very involved with her church and holds an appointed seat on a local government committee, addressing issues for persons with disabilities and senior citizens, in her town.

We have many more stories coming, this is just one!


Season Of New Beginnings

The month is coming to an end but there is always time for new beginnings.

We have had so many beginnings, like ramping up for our Wegmans order, two new artisan groups, of course, the turtles!

We spotlighted the Turquoise Stoned Dancing Turtles bracelet to honor the diamondback turtles who have begun to lay their eggs.

These near-threatened to endangered species mate in the spring and, as the homebodies they are, return to the same location to lay their eggs. Diamondback turtles scope the area to find the perfect moisture level for their nest. One at a time, they lay between 7-15 eggs and finish up with their signature “knuckle dance” to pound the area secure. 

In 60-85 days, the eggs will hatch and the newborns will crawl their way to the water.

  • Symbolism:

    • Peace

    • Stability

    • Patience

    • Determination

    • Emotional strength

      All the essentials you need to conquer your new beginning.

Low Tide Island Design’s very own Dancing Turtles bracelet is the perfect reminder to remain harmonized and grounded while advocating for the baby diamondback turtles that are soon to come.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Stimulates positive attitude

  • Promotes strong communication between mind and heart

  • Anxiety relief 

As we wait for these eggs to hatch, keep in mind that every day brings a new beginning. A new breath. A new step. A new place. 

Grab your Turquoise Stoned Dancing Turtles here.

Dancing Turtles - Turquoise Stone

Let these dancing turtles act as your spiritual guide to peace.

Colors and sizes may vary slightly.

$12.95 each. Free shipping and handling with purchase over $30.
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