Making your own luck.

We all know those people who seem like they’re always getting lucky in life. From promotions to serendipitous moments, we’re left sitting here wondering why none of that happens to us.

The truth is, sometimes people get lucky and it’s not something we can control or make happen to us.

Most of the time, though, luck is created. Luck is brought to you by what you do for yourself. You can bring more luck into your life by small and large actions in your everyday life.

“Luck is brought to you by what you do for yourself.”

One way to bring more luck into your life is to speak the things you want into existence. No, I don’t mean saying “I want to be in the Bahamas right now” will make the universe whisk you away to a tropical island. I’m talking about speaking things into existence that you want to achieve. There are countess articles that talk about this, and I encourage you to do some research after you finish this article. When you speak things into existence, it helps to have a physical reminder of that goal. I like to use my lucky silver elephant bracelet because it stands for the luck that I talked about, but it also provides luck for new projects. Let the physical reminder of the elephant inspire you and protect your dreams. Using a physical reminder that you consistently wear can help remind you to stay grounded while reaching your dreams.🐘

“I make my own luck, and I let this bracelet ground me and inspire me.”

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