Self Love Is THE MOST Important Type Of Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and there’s a lot floating around the internet about being in love. In this spirit, I’d like to go through a thought experiment with you. Let’s begin:

Imagine you’re in your home with your partner whom you love very much, and you’re making dinner. Imagine that your partner accidentally burns the meal, which you’ve been looking forward to after a long day at work.

Would you yell at your partner? Would you be angry with them and hold a grudge for the rest of the night or even the next day?

If you wouldn’t feel this way about the person you love most in the world, why would you feel this way about yourself when you make a mistake?

It’s so difficult in this day & age to prioritize yourself. We have an attitude of “If I am not productive, I will not be successful in the world.” While it is important to be passionate about the work you do, you cannot do that to the best of your abilities without being passionate about your own life.

Practicing self love and self-care is just that: practice. It’s not something that you do once, it’s something that you do every day. Life can get incredibly busy and overwhelming, and it takes a toll on your mental health. Here are a few tips to get your self-love and acceptance of the wonderful person you are:

  1. Embrace and love the things that make you different. This is what makes you special.

  2. Celebrate your wins no matter how big or small. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you have achieved.

  3. Write a journal entry about all the things that you’re proud of. It can be any type of achievement you’ve made, big or small.

  4. Forgive yourself for mistakes that you may have made. If you’ve made amends for it, you’ve done all that you could.

  5. Take time out of the day to do something for yourself. Whether that’s watching your favorite show, tending to your garden, painting, cooking your favorite meal, anything. Make sure there are minimal distractions.

  6. Stop any comparisons of you and someone else. Everyone develops at a different pace, and we are all ever-changing beings.

Take one tip and try it out right now. See how your mindset changes afterwards.

"I forgive myself and free myself from trying to be perfect.  I am perfect right now.  I release all negative self thoughts and allow myself to receive all the love I have to give."  (give yourself a hug!)

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Remember, love starts from within❤️

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