We're all puzzle pieces!

April is Autism Awareness Month, and LTiD has some amazing Puzzle Piece bracelets to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and especially those persons with Autism and their loved ones! We are so proud to be able to provide work opportunities to artisans with Autism.

So why would you want a Puzzle Piece bracelet if you don’t have Autism and don’t know anyone with Autism?

We are all puzzle pieces.

Each of us is so unique and special that we are all “puzzle pieces” in the world. Let’s not treat anyone differently; let’s show love and compassion to everyone we meet every day.

Low Tide Island Design’s Puzzle Piece bracelet can be a great reminder to show love and compassion to those who are different than you. It can also be a great way to show your support for the Autism community. Our bracelets are made by adults with all kinds of abilities, and your support for LTiD means the world to them.

Keep LTiD in mind when you’re looking for that special gift for someone, to let them know you are thinking of them and care and let each bracelet be a remember to keep that kindness in your heart and soul.

Here’s a helpful mantra to keep in mind:

We are all puzzle pieces, each different than the other. We all serve our own unique and special purpose.

You can get our Puzzle Piece bracelet here.

Making your own luck.

We all know those people who seem like they’re always getting lucky in life. From promotions to serendipitous moments, we’re left sitting here wondering why none of that happens to us.

The truth is, sometimes people get lucky and it’s not something we can control or make happen to us.

Most of the time, though, luck is created. Luck is brought to you by what you do for yourself. You can bring more luck into your life by small and large actions in your everyday life.

“Luck is brought to you by what you do for yourself.”

One way to bring more luck into your life is to speak the things you want into existence. No, I don’t mean saying “I want to be in the Bahamas right now” will make the universe whisk you away to a tropical island. I’m talking about speaking things into existence that you want to achieve. There are countess articles that talk about this, and I encourage you to do some research after you finish this article. When you speak things into existence, it helps to have a physical reminder of that goal. I like to use my lucky silver elephant bracelet because it stands for the luck that I talked about, but it also provides luck for new projects. Let the physical reminder of the elephant inspire you and protect your dreams. Using a physical reminder that you consistently wear can help remind you to stay grounded while reaching your dreams.🐘

“I make my own luck, and I let this bracelet ground me and inspire me.”

(You can get my recommended bracelet, the lucky silver elephant bracelet, here. My other favorite elephant bracelet is the lucky ivory-colored elephant bracelet, which you can find here.)

What The Tide Brought In #1!

Welcome to Low Tide Island Design! 

 Low Tide Island Design, since 2013, has been dedicated to providing work opportunities for person with developmental disabilities and other special abilities.  Founder Deborah Kreter, with a masters degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Psychology, has developed programs for decades, that promote dignity, Joy, Social Connection, Functional Skills, Independence and Community Awareness. LTiD supports Self Esteem, Employment, Education, Contribution and Connection, SEECC.



LTiD bracelets started being made all in CT?  Five, 5, years later, they are made in 6 different states by persons with Developmental Disabilities and other special needs.  If you can guess the states, we will send you the November featured bracelet free!  Offer ends, December 10th.



What was LTiD's  first bracelet design?  If you can guess the design, we will send you that bracelet free!  Offer ends, December 10th

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