Low Tide Island is an island on the coast of Connecticut, which disappears from sight at high tide. Low Tide Island Design's mission is to help keep adults with developmentally disabled from "disappearing" from our sight.

More than 450,000 persons with special abilities have been employed in U.S. workshops. Federal rules have been closing these workshops since 2014 and will continue to do so through 2020, taking the security of employment away from this population. Low Tide Island Design wants to help create and maintain dignified work opportunities, for these adults.

Deborah Kreter, founder of Low Tide Island Design, has been passionate about developing community integrated programs for special populations since her youth. Currently, she is creating work opportunities for adults with developmentally disabled through the construction of Low Tide Island Design bracelets.

Low Tide Island Design's goal is to  help provide 1,000 job opportunities for adults with developmentally disabled and special needs , while spreading joy, positivity and health mindfulness to all ,through meaningful designs.

In 2014, Low Tide Island Design started making bracelets in Connecticut work sites, several have closed but LTiD is helping to develop new sites. Currently, bracelets are also made in Illinois, California, Wisconsin, New York and Florida.