Spiritual Balance


Two fascinating stones from Cancun.  Naturally smooth and shiny with an interesting sand-permeated design.  The light and the dark as in the Ying and the Yang.  Allow this balanced necklace to remind you of the balance and power in your own unity between Mind and Body.

1. Let your Gratitude Jewelry remind you many times a day to STOP, and breathe in and out slowly
2. Focus only on your breathing and repeat 1- 5 times
3. Feel grateful and smile!
4. Do this first thing in the morning and at bedtime and, most importantly, several times throughout the day

1. To open your receptivity to constant communication from the universe
2. To increase your intuition and daily problem solving abilities.
3. To feel relaxed and happy and to attract what you really want
4. Share this gift with others, for even greater effects

1 of a Kind - Solid Brass Wire, custom handmade clasp
Size: Rocks are  Appox: 1" and 1/2" long.  Cord is fine woven natural color cotton and hangs about 11" including the stones.

$35.00 ea.  Free Shipping and Handling with purchase over $30
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