Sailboat Charm


Reminding you to hold your course, don't give up! Let the wind guide you in a large way!

Hang this on a house plant, on a picture, from a candle holder, in a window, anywhere!  A house gift that carries a hopeful and life fulfilling wish. 

Sailing Symbolism:

·       Be mindful of your life

·       As the winds come and go, sailboats will remind you,

if you hold a steady course, you will ALWAYS get to the right destination

·       Enjoy the lulls, for you are still on track, when the wind picks up, you just go faster

·       You have the ability to navigate through emotional tides of life

·       With each new wind, your sails will fill with fresh wisdom

·       When a destination is up wind, remember tacking, (no going in a straight line),  is your most direct route

All handmade and crafted in the USA using some recycled aluminum.  Hangs about 3" plus the hanger. 

Completely custom, No commercially produced look.  


To add additional shine or wipe away finger smudges, use a jewelry polish cloth, NO cleaning solutions.    

Free shipping and Handling in the USA.

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