Peace and Love


As the wind or light flows through your room, the metaphysical properties of the turquoise magnesite stone will fill the air for everyone who enters.

Material: Turquoise Magnesite Stone and Recycled Aluminum

Stone Metaphysical Properties:
   • Calming vibration
   • Relieves anxiety
   • Brings joy and passion
   • Detoxifying action
   • Stimulates positive attitude 
   • Stimulates communication between mind and heart

House charms are the perfect way to bring life and joy into your home or share as a gift.  The gift of peace and joy to hang in a plant, from a light, on a picture, in a window, use as a present garnish etc. 

Always the reminder that peace and love are the key to all the good you deserve! A gift not to clutter but to remind you and bring joy. It's perfect!

All hand crafted in the USA.  They vary slightly.  Appox. SizeTo add additional shine to Aluminum, use a jewelry polish cloth.

$17.95.  Free Shipping and Handling 
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