Fish With Joy


Reminding you we are always transforming, so enjoy the swim!

These feather weight earrings are invisible to wear!  They will bring a smile every time you put them on.  The real magic is when you experience the joy your fish give others, every time you wear them! People will stop with a joyful comment!  What a simple way to spread joy - "paying joy forward."

Fish Symbolism:
   • Fertility, Eternity, Creativity, Femininity
   • Good Luck,  Happiness, Knowledge
   • Transformation

All handmade and crafted in the USA using some recycled aluminum.  Fine sterling silver custom wires.  All custom, no commercially produced look. 

The Fish measurements and shape vary slightly:  2 1/4 " Tall   and 1 3/4" Wide.  (excluding the wire)

To add additional shine or wipe away finger smudges, use a jewelry polish cloth, NOT cleaning solutions.  

$24.00 a pair.  Free Shipping and Handling with purchase over $30 
see details in s & h, returns section. 

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