Fish Ahoy!


Reminding you we are always transforming, so enjoy the swim!

This feather weight charm can hang on the finest plant, picture, window, candle holder, an anywhere decoration!  It will bring a smile everytime someone sees it.  The real magic is when you experience the joy your fish give others.  What a simple way to spread joy - "paying joy forward."

Fish Symbolism:
   • Fertility, Eternity, Creativity, Femininity
   • Good Luck,  Happiness, Knowledge
   • Transformation

All handmade and crafted in the USA using some recycled aluminum.  All custom, no commercially produced look. 

The Fish measurements are approximately 3" long without the hanger.

To add additional shine or wipe away finger smudges, use a jewelry polish cloth, NOT cleaning solutions.  

$15.95.  Free Shipping and Handling 
see details in s & h, returns section. 

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