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Stonehenge Rainbow


Hedgestone: One of the most mysterious of wonders of the world for 5000 years.  A geospiral (circular- like your bracelet) spiral energy pattern with curing human ailments. Stonehenge energy connects to earth consciousness, a gateway to deep self understanding.  Feel the energy through your hands.

 BELIEVE OUT-LOUD Affirmation: " My natural geospiral earth energy, is  healing my body and deepening my personal understanding." 

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Additional Info

Materials: Turquoise Magnesite Stone

Approximately 1/2" x 1/8" rectangles in rich rainbow color order. (some color tones may vary slightly)

Size: Approximately 7-7 1/2”

Metaphysical Properties of Stone

  • Calming vibration for anxiety relief

  • Brings joy and passion through detoxifying action

  • Stimulates positive attitude

  • Stimulates communication between mind and heart

Rainbow Meaning

A rainbow is the perfect harmony of light, producing a symbol of supernatural beauty, and now you can carry it with you at all time