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Vintage Peace Sign - Ivory Stone


Keep the peace and spread good vibes with this vintage peace sign bracelet, available in several colors.

Colors and sizes may vary slightly.

$9.95 each. Free shipping and handling with purchase over $30.
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bracelets (5).png
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Additional Info

Materials: Turquoise Magnesite Stone

Colors may vary slightly.

The bracelet measures approximately 7"- 7 1/2" un-stretched.
Beads measure about 12mm each.  Size and color may vary slightly.

Metaphysical Properties of Stone

  • Calming vibration for anxiety relief

  • Brings joy and passion through detoxifying action

  • Stimulates positive attitude

  • Stimulates communication between mind and heart

DID YOU KNOW—The Peace Sign was designed in 1958 for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)?

Believe Out Loud: "My actions are congruent with my beliefs! I am calm and at peace with myself.”