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Wise Old Owl


Tap into your inner wisdom with three wise old owls on your wrist.

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bracelets (4).png
birds, Audubon , bird watching, owls, extinction,
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birds, Audubon , bird watching, owls, extinction,

Additional Info

Materials: Silver colored zinc and Czech glass

Bracelet Size is  7"- 7 3/4" un-stretched.   

Owl Symbolism

  • An owl is a keeper of sacred knowledge

  • Wisdom, foresight + protection

  • Transition

  • Messages of intelligence

  • Mysticism and secret guidance

Repeat this mantra out loud: "I have deep wisdom and foresight that is guiding me safely through transitions toward success in all that I do."

Healing Properties of Zinc

  • TDM—Transdermal Micromineral benefits when worn

  • Boosts immune system and metabolism

  • Improves arthritis, inflammation and acne

  • Detoxifies

  • Positive effects on high blood pressure and anemia

Metaphysical Properties of Czech Glass

  • Raises healing and energy vibrations for transformation

  • Most ancient material

  • Merging elements for rebirth and focus

  • Improved communication

  • Most important energy source is light and glass catches light