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Lion bracelet with Lava Stones and Brass Head


THE LION: A spiritual leader represents courage, power , strength, pride in family and lives every moment.  Strong teachers, leaders.  Twilight is a time of 100% pure potential open to all ideas, opportunities and inspiration when anything can happen .  Ability to use your best moments for your best outcome.  Lions bring balance in their life.  Before moving forward into a task or project, put yourself in a "twilight mindset" for optimal results.  keep a chill mind, for sound judgment and timing with life activities.

 BELIEVE OUT-LOUD Affirmation  "I go forward with full confidence and courageousness based on sound judgment and thoughtful timing"

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Additional Info

Materials: Lava stone and brass.

Healing Properties of Lava Stone

  • Grounding qualities

  • Emotional cleansing

  • Strength and courage

  • Negativity cleansing and the creation of a natural balance with the Earth

Metaphysical Properties of Brass

  • Brass brings out natural good and inner truth

  • Boost immune system for courage ("bold as brass")

  • Regular wearing will reveal your personal energy signature

  • The more you wear your brass, the less it will tarnish; its true colors shine through