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Brass Ladybug and Czech Coral Glass


Ladybug:  Delight, happiness and playful spirit.  Represents childlike nature in everyone- “always treasure that!” Ladybug is a symbol of taking action on your dreams-”never forget to take action, this is what makes your dreams come true.” 

The red shield and big dots indicates to all your uniqueness of joy when your heart leads the way.

BELIEVE OUT LOUD Affirmation “I will let my heart be my life’s GPS.”

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Untitled design (10).png

Additional Info

Materials: Brass Ladybug and pearlized coral Czech glass beads

Metaphysical Properties of Brass

  • Brass brings out natural good and inner truth

  • Boost immune system for courage ("bold as brass")

  • Regular wearing will reveal your personal energy signature

  • The more you wear your brass, the less it will tarnish; its true colors shine through

Metaphysical Properties of Glass

  • Carries energies for transformation

  • Merging elements

  • Rebirth

  • Focus

  • Communication