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Oh So Tiny Brass Beads + Silver Dragonfly


A unique one of a kind design with tiny silver dragonfly and oh to tiny brass beads    

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bracelets (1).png
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Additional Info

Materials: Brass and silver colored zinc

Healing Properties of Zinc

  • TDM—Transdermal Micromineral benefits

  • Boosts immune system and metabolism

  • Improves arthritis, inflammation and acne

  • Detoxifies

  • Positive effects on high blood pressure and anemia

Metaphysical Properties of Brass

  • Brass brings out natural good and inner truth

  • Boost immune system for courage ("bold as brass")

  • Regular wearing will reveal your personal energy signature

  • The more you wear your brass, the less it will tarnish; its true colors shine through

(brass beads measure 1mm x 2mm)

Dragonfly Symbolism

  • Powerful with poise

  • Accomplish unmatched objectives with simplicity and effectiveness

  • Self realization

DID YOU KNOW—Dragonflies fly 45 miles hour and can move in 6 directions at the same time?