LTiD's Turtle Rescue Story

LTiD's Turtle Rescue Story

Did You Know…

It’s ’s turtle laying season and with the beaches closed, the turtle population is increasing! This is a huge win for the near-endangered species of sea turtles. The empty beaches are perfect places for mama turtles to lay their eggs.

Once the mama turtles lays her eggs, she leaves the nest and a few months later, babies hatch.

But sometimes… a baby turtle loses their way…

Once baby turtles hatch, they navigate through the sandy beaches to the shoreline all on their own.

Unfortunately, sometimes a baby turtle can get lost and go the wrong way. 

Until a brave little girl swoops in and saves the day. 

Low Tide’s very own little girl stepped right in and ushered the baby turtle safely to a shell. She carefully handled the young hatchling as to not disturb its environment and it was time to return the baby to the shoreline.

Thanks to our little girl who safely brought the lost baby turtle back to the shoreline, the turtle was able to dig a hole and was back at it’s home sweet home.

Off the the shore line to the low tide…

The End.


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